Helio Soneca BJJ Seminar

Friday January 10th and Saturday 11th


  • Helio Moreira started practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at the age of 8 with Black Belt master Cirilo Azevedo and Elias Martins. Having fallen in love with this Martial Art at the age of 9, he was already a Brazilian Champion. At the age of 13, Helio moved to Rio de Janeiro and started to practice with the Gracie Club, now known as Barra Gracie, taught by the Machado Brothers, Ze Henrique Leao Teixeira and Renzo Gracie. Soneca, as he is known in the Martial Arts World, chose Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as his career totally dedicating himself to it. At the age of 22, he received from Master Carlos Gracie JR., the Black Belt he had been dreaming of; a prestige that few people had at that time.


DATE: Friday 10th and Saturday 11th
LOCATION: School of Budo Jiu-Jitsu at Hood River Martial Arts – 1016 11th St, Hood River, OR
COST: $150 Non Members, 100 Members (active military & first responders – only $50)

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