Tim Cartmell self defense/Jiu-jitsu March seminar

Tim Cartmell will be at School of Budo March 9-11. There will be four sessions over the three days. One session on Friday March 9th 6-8pm, 2 sessions on Saturday March 10th 10-1pm and 2-5pm, and one on Sunday March 11th 9-11am. Each session will be different and full of great techniques for on and off the mats.

Upcoming Seminars

Past Seminars

  • Tim Cartmell June 2018
  • Tim Cartmell Self-defense/Jiu-jitsu

    seminar March 9-11 2018.

  • Jaff Raji Aikido,Iaido, and Jodo seminar

    February 24 – March 2 2018.

  • Tim Cartmell and Asa Fuller are in town

    November 3-5 2017. Don’t miss the last seminar of the year.

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