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Personal Protection Defense Skills

The School of Budo also offers basic coursework in personal protection and defensive skills to people from all walks of life, and has taught diverse groups such as law enforcement and military personnel, women’s self-defense classes, police volunteers, community CERT members, wildland volunteers, and others. Threat assessment and communication, verbal and spatial management of threats, default countermeasures, and standing and grounded defenses are the foundation of our personal protection work, and often integrated into our regular jiu-jitsu classes. Additionally, seminars and private training in advanced work including defensive edged weapons, firearms applications, and adaptive interdisciplinary close quarters combatives are taught.

NW ECQ Instructors

Chris Leblanc
Head Instructor

With a career in law enforcement, Chris has decades of real-life situational experience he brings to the mat. Currently Chris’ combatives class is invite only. Please connect if you’d like to learn more.

Michael Selin
Advanced Instructor

Michael Selin began training Judo under Tsai Sensei in 1989 in Taiwan. During this same period, he also began training Aikido in 1991 under Lee Ching Nan Sensei, and received Shodan with the Taiwan Aikido Federation and the Aikikai in Japan in 1994. In 1997 He received his Shodan with the USJI in Paramus, New Jersey under Harry Glackin Sensei. In 2000 he met Jaff Raji and began his training with the Ecole De Budo. Michael received his advanced instructors license from Raji Sensei in 2008. He started training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in 2007, and received his blackbelt from Tim Cartmell in 2017. Michael has also taken classes in Extreme Close Quarters Concepts and related methods from Craig Douglas and firearm courses from Mark Brinski.

Currently by invite only

NW ECQ is by invite only. A concealed pistol license and the completion of basic gun safety courses are required for this class.

Class Schedule

• To be announced.


$100 NW ECQ class access. There is an additional $50 annual membership fee. Learn more on our about page.

More info

For more information on the School of Budo approach to personal protection check out the following:

  • Chris’ personal protection trainer’s blog
  • Craig Douglas is the leader in the field of functional interdisciplinary defensive training and has been integral to our approach.
  • Don Gulla’s Arrestling offers the best in pressure tested arrest and control methods and officer survival training.
  • The modern jujitsu arts practiced at School of Budo have a deep classical heritage in armed combative grappling. We explore the modern application of these arts as a study group in the Taikyoku Araki-ryu.
    • The following are all firearms instructors whose cutting edge approach has been instrumental in our practice:

    • Mark Brinski Force Concepts Group
    • Gabe White Training High Performance Concealed Carry
    • Tyler Firearms Instruction
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