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WHY JIU-JITSU FOR KIDS?Self defense is important for everyone – but especially a child who is often smaller than their opponent. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is an extremely effective martial art that teaches how to neutralize larger, stronger opponents.

BJJ doesn’t focus on flashy moves that are often unrealistic. BJJ is mostly ground fighting, since most actual fights move quickly to the ground. Through learning how to defend themselves, kids can achieve greater self confidence and discipline while having fun in a safe, family-focused environment.


benefits of JIU-JITSU?– Self defense
– Physical fitness
– Stress relief
– Make friends
– Discipline
– Problem solving
– Increased confidence
– Having fun!


Kids’ Jiu Jitsu Classes Instructors

Kids Jiu Jitsu Coach in Hood River
James Patterson
Kids' Jiu-Jitsu Coach | Hood River, OR Location

Coach James started training jiu-jitsu so he could learn effective self defense techniques while getting in shape. He believes that training jiu-jitsu can help kids – and adults – become the best version of themselves. The jiu-jitsu team environment truly fosters lasting friendships. For these reasons, his 5-year-old son trains jiu-jitsu too!

James enjoys the rewarding experience of teaching kids and guiding them through learning new concepts and gaining confidence. When he is not teaching kids, he is mentoring other students in the adult classes and helping coach when other instructors are absent.

He started his journey in 2014 in Florida at Smiley’s Combat Athletix – a Tom DeBlass affiliate and was hooked. James quickly earned his blue belt in 2016 and continued his jiu-jitsu education when him, his wife and their son moved out to Hood River, Oregon.

Coach James is currently a purple belt teaching kids jiu-jitsu at the Hood River academy. He trains under Michael Selin of School of Budo. He continues to dedicate himself to regular training at both School of Budo locations.

Matthew Hudgins
Kids’ Jiu Jitsu Coach | Portland, Oregon Location

Coach Matt Hudgins was inspired to start training in martial arts at a young age after watching the Bruce Lee movies that once dominated movie screens. He enjoys sharing and practicing what he’s learned over the years. As a life-time learner, he believes what’s most rewarding is when his students go on to teach others and later share with him what they have learned.

Coach Matt understands that not everyone learns the same and that each technique can be interpreted numerous ways. For that reason, he believes effective teaching requires knowing the learning styles of your students and coming up with individualized ways of teaching them. He believes patience is essential to the teaching process as well as a focus on precision prior to adding speed or stress.

Coach Matt is a blue belt in jiu-jitsu under Jeff Patterson of NWFA and now trains and coaches the kids program under Michael Selin at the Portland School of Budo. He’s also trained in jiu-jitsu, muay thai kickboxing, western boxing, kali, eskrima and various Asian martial arts under Tim Cartmel, Chris Leblanc, and Jaff Raji. Coach Matt is also CPR certified.


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7506 N Chicago Ave
Portland, OR 97203
Call/text: 971.563.2548


1016 11th St
Hood River, OR 97031
Call/text: 904.674.1000


3:00–4:00pm (AGES 5-8)
4:00–5:00pm (AGES 8-12)


3:15–4:15pm (AGES 5-8)
4:15–5:15pm (AGES 8-12)

Monthly Dues

PORTLAND or HOOD RIVER: $100/month for access to all jiu-jitsu classes. There is an additional $50 annual membership fee.

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